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These 10 Super Cute Images Of Pets Will Warm Your Heart

1 – Even cleaning my eye in your jeans is too adorable 2 – I’m doing my Shawshank Redemption bit here 3 – Ewww, this plant looks interesting, I want it! 4 – There’s no place better to warm my… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Feel Good at Work: Ted Talk by Dan Arieli

Dan Arieli shares what small and seemingly insignifcant changes to the way workers are treated and the work is presented and handled, can do to our feeling. 1 – The “Meaningful” Condition If it’s not meaningful, doing something over and… Continue Reading →

3 Inspirational Ted Talk Creativity Speeches

Creativity is either cultivated, or diminishes with age. The following wonderful Ted talks share 3 insights as to what kills creativity and how we can nourish it instead. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with… Continue Reading →

5 Surprising Pieces of Information about Earth that Have been Recently Discovered

1 – Each single ocean has a huge swirling patch of plastic garbage Many people already know of the Great Pacific garbage patch, a massive patch of plastic trash that has piled up in a swirling subtropical ocean gyre in… Continue Reading →

5 Fascinating Pointers About Love Life & Dating from Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely shares insights and tips for dating singles in a fascniating Google talk. What Women Want? Women want a different type of a man (more manly or more metrosexual) based on where they are on their mestural cycle The… Continue Reading →

4 Funny Ted Talks that Will Brighten Your Day

Even when the topic is serious, the following TED speakers manage to pack in some laughter for the road: 1 – How I hacked online dating – Amy Webb “Now, there was one small catch. As I’m signing on to… Continue Reading →

7 Amazing Deviantart Celebrity Illustrations

DeviantArt is home to some of the world’s most talented artists. Often, their imagination and creative talent are awe inspiring. The following selection of celebrity illustrations shows a bit of this raw talent. Amy Winehouse Brad Pitt Gandalf Angelina Jolie… Continue Reading →

9 Creative Billboard Ads That Went 3D To Make Their Point

1 – Can you tell where the sky end and the ad begins? 2 – Does this convey the message “Keep Your Distance” or what? 3 – The plastic people are eating the plastic chocolate… now isn’t that yummy? 4 – Don’t forget… Continue Reading →

7 Scary Websites that Will Set Your Heart Racing

In the spirit of Halloween, looking for some chills and thrills? The following websites that will set your heart racing. Here are 7 scary websites that even not-so-easily scared adults will find spooky. 1 – r/nosleep reddit.com/r/nosleep/ A subreddit on the popular site reddit.com… Continue Reading →

5 Famous Motivational Speeches

Motivational speeches have the power to lift your mood up when you’re feeling down and help you find your way when you’re lost. They’re even more effective when they come from our favorite public figures. Here are 5 of the… Continue Reading →

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